The bees

Bees are insects belonging to the Hymenoptera order, Apocrita suborder, Aculeata section, Apoidea superfamily.

The Apoieda superfamily includes several families of solitary bees and a family of bees (Apidae), the apids include, besides Bombi and Melipone, the bees properly named, represented by the only Apis genus with four species: A.florea, A. dorsata, A.cerana and A. mellifera.

The bee lives in societ à Persistent, matriarchal, and monoginic, consisting of 20,000-70,000 distinct individuals in two castes: the caste of anphigonics and reproducers including the fertilized female or queen and the males or the bulls, and the caste of workers made up of females with the involuntary genitals.

The differences between queens and workers è Instead due to the different feed received during larval development: larvae destined to become queen are fed with real jelly, those destined to become workers suffer, such as males, A change of diet and from the third day are fed with pollen and honey.

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