How to make honey?

Honey is an alimentary product that the bees produce from the nectar of the flowers, transform, arrange with own specific substances, store and leave to mature in make you. The bottinatrici bees store melata nectar to in the ingluvie and, reached in the stream bed, the nectar comes enriched from enzymes (above all of inverts) contents in the secreti of the salivary glands of the bees.Later on progressive dehydration endures.

When the percentage of water is come down 17-18 % and great part of the saccharose has been invert, the honey is ready for being store to the inside of the cells of the honeycomb with a layer of wax that the island from the external atmosphere.

In according to time the bee-keeper takes part who supplies to the collection of telaini honey cargos. At this point the honey comes extracted from makes by means of the centrifuge force.

It comes then leaked and stored in maturatori until when the lighter part as wax and propoli do not know them in surface so as to be able to extract the honey from the limpid bottom.


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